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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding provided to schools to support specific groups of children who are vulnerable to possible underachievement. These include pupils who are entitled to free school meals; those looked after by the Local Authority and the children of armed service personnel.

Children who qualify for pupil premium funding who require further support to access life experience and opportunities in a similar way their peers do.

Promoting and ensuring that every child reaches their full potential is paramount at Gunthorpe Primary School. This encompasses social, moral, spiritual and culture growth and we believe maintaining an environment in which every member of the school is able to achieve success and fulfilment. High expectations and consistency of progress and achievement for all pupils is embedded throughout our school, irrespective of gender, race, culture or socio-economic background.

At Gunthorpe Primary School we think it is important to ask our Pupil Premium children’s views about the experiences that they have such as; trips, residentials, nurture groups, wolf cubs, music therapy, boxercise and additional support in class. Using this we then plan how best to use our funding to enhance the achievement of this group of children. The children have told us that they really enjoy the extra-curricular learning opportunities that they access and feel more confident in class.

  • I go to boxercise and I like it because before we do the boxing we do warm up games and some exercise. When we do the boxing it’s fun and some of my friends are there too. It gets me better at running and exercising.
  • At the end of the wolf cubs session, I enjoyed setting up the camp fire, we made some chocolate dough as well. It helps me to get better at my work so it makes me concentrate more. It’s really fun with lots of fun activities.
  • I like music therapy because we all get to bond together and think of ideas together. We get to make up our own raps. We get to listen to different music that we like and all sing together.
  • At PGL it was good fun. I liked spending time with my friends in the rooms. I liked how we went on all the rides. I got quite scared when I went on a high ride but I managed to do it and I was so happy that I did. We had lunch that they had for us and we got to choose what we wanted in our packed lunch.
  • I like Nurture because we get to make things like lions and colour it in. We wait to take our turns one after the other. I like working with Mrs Alletson and the other children.
  • I like working with Mrs Smith, we get to play games and we went on a hunt to look for different leaves. We made things with them and wrote sentences about the trees. I know the word deciduous.
  • We went to Cadbury, it was lots of fun. We got to go in cars which was a ride. We walked around and looked at different pictures of chocolate bars which showed us how it’s made. We also got touch the chocolate it was really gooey. At the end we also got to eat some melted chocolate, there was crunchy, chocolate buttons or caramel.

Please see the application form below for Free School Meals. On completion please submit to the school office.