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Physical Education

At Gunthorpe Primary School we want PE to have a long-lasting impact on our children and that provides them with skills they can use for the rest of their lives. We want to make our lessons enjoyable and engaging so that children can achieve their daily exercise in a positive and challenging environment. Our curriculum covers a range of different sports to inspire children to find a love for their favourite sports so that they can progress further outside of school if they so wish to. We also recognise the importance of living a healthy lifestyle and so we have embedded The Daily Mile into our school life for children to participate in every day whilst also teaching the children about the foods that they eat, what foods are healthy, what foods they need to limit eating and how important it is to monitor their daily intake.

We also recognise how important it is to teach our children about their mental health too, and we regularly visit this with the children and talk about the importance of mental health in sports, including being able to have a positive attitude when winning or losing. Our children are taught a range of skills that are transferable for everyday use as well, including social skills and working as part of a team and individually. We hope that when our children leave our school they are able to use their skills for the rest of their lives and pursue opportunities that allow them to continue with the sports that they love.