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Cursive handwriting is implemented from Year 1 and the skill is developed through the years. It is a government expectation that all children will be able to join fluently by Year 6, and therefore by teaching the children this style of handwriting from when they learn how to write will only develop this skill through the teaching of joining, rather than learning a new style of handwriting.

In Year 1 the children are introduced to the pre-cursive style focusing on the letter families.

In Year 2 to 6 they use the continuous cursive style, developing initial joins in Year 2 to build up the fluency.

Ways to support your child:

  • Practise writing letters at home… on paper… on the pavement outside… in flour… anything!
  • Use the letter families to help support correct letter formation.
  • Support motor skills development through a range of activities to strengthen fingers. This might range from building with Lego to creating a sculpture out of playdough.

Please see the letter families in the attachment below.