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In EYFS and Year 1 the main focus is on phonics and teaching children to spell phonetically, as children end Year 1 and begin Year 2 and as they continue through school they focus more on spelling rules and patterns linked to the national curriculum.

To support the teaching of spelling at Gunthorpe Primary School we follow the Spelling Shed scheme, this provides a range of activities so that the children can investigate and apply their spellings in different ways. Each child, from Year 1 onwards, has their own personal log in where they can access the online game to practise their set spellings in varying levels of difficulty. The children have opportunities to access the Spelling Shed games online at school, but should primarily be used at home.

Ways to support your child:

  • Allow your child to access Spelling Shed at home.
  • Practise reading, writing and spelling common exception words for their year group little and often.

Websites and links:

Please refer to the common exception words below.