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Headteacher:  Mr C Scales
Deputy Headteacher: Mrs C Brattan
Assistant Head Teacher:  Mrs C Blake



Mrs L Aitcheson ((EYFS & Y1 Phase Leader - on Maternity Leave)

Mrs A Roadhouse (EYFS & Y1 Phase Leader)
Miss C Hawkins

Year 1

Mrs R Nigro & Mrs E Smith (SENCO)

Mrs J Cooper

Year 2:

Miss G Stones (Y2 & Y3 Phase Leader)

Miss L Andrew

Year 3:

Miss C Crutchfield (English Lead)

Miss K Belcher

Year 4

Mrs P Ould & Miss R Murphy
Mrs R Day (Maternity Leave)

Mr C Moore

Year 5: 

Miss A Parsons

Miss C Bywater-Haylett 

Year 6: 

Mrs C Marsters (Maths Lead)

Mrs C Blake (Y4, Y5 & Y6 Phase Leader)

Mr J Laud

SENCo: Mrs E Smith

Higher Level Teaching Assistants/Cover Teachers: 


Learning Mentor:

Miss R Murphy

Mrs N Smith

Mrs M O'Hanlon

Mrs A Epton

Miss M Newberry

PE Coordinator: Mr J Peach

Teaching Assistants:


Mrs N Litchfield

Miss D Corrado


Miss E Parbles

Mrs S Akhtar

Mrs Z Astell

Mrs A Djoleva

Year 3 and 4:

Miss G Robinson

Mrs J Murphy

Miss E Mead

Ms H Greenwood

Year 5 and 6:

Mrs J McIntosh

Miss S Browning

Mr V Blackmore

Site and Administration

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs C Reed

Finance Manager:

Mrs C Hinton
HR: Mrs S Winkskill
Office Manager: Mrs D White
Office Assistant: Mrs C Rockliffe
Site Manager: Mr A Lemin
Catering Staff:

Miss P Duffy (Catering Manager)

Mrs C Jayne
Miss A Nicholls

Midday Supervisors:

Mrs J Barnes

Miss S Browning

Miss A Crowson

Mrs T Dorgan

Mrs P Ellis

Miss J Gentle

Mrs C Smith

Mrs T Grant