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Reading & Phonics

As a school we use the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics programme throughout Foundation and Key Stage 1 as well as for those children who need it in KS2.

Effective teaching of reading includes teaching children to decode words by sounds, rather than recognising whole words. Our focus in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One is  synthetic phonics, in which words are broken up into the smallest units of sound (phonemes).

Children are taught the letters (graphemes) that represent these phonemes and also learn to blend them into words. So, at its most basic, children are taught to read the letters in a word like c-a-t, and then merge them to pronounce the word cat. A phoneme can be represented by one, two, three or four letters (such as "ough" in "dough").

Children are systematically taught around 40 phonic sounds and the combination of letters used to represent each sound.

To support the teaching and learning of reading we use a reading scheme called ‘Bug Club’ which contains interactive, personalised books and on line books.

Our aim is to develop children's passion for reading and therefore we encourage them to take books home to share with you. We have found that ten minutes a day one-to-one reading with an adult at home can make a positive difference to the children, and therefore we have included this as homework three times a week. Every child has a reading log, and we kindly ask that you sign this on the evening your child has read and return it to school the following day, alongside their reading book.