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Our Aims & Values

Growing Together - Positive Attitude - Success in all we do

At Gunthorpe Primary School, we constantly strive to provide the best education that we can for our pupils. As a school, we define our aims as the following:

  • To create an interesting, stimulating and friendly environment, where each individual can feel secure and valued and will develop his or her full potential.
  • To help develop lively, enquiring minds that would encourage lifelong learning, the ability to question and argue rationally, to work with imagination and a sense of purpose.
  • To encourage respect for religious and moral values, to be tolerant of the views of others, other religions, races and ways of life.
  • To develop commitment to tasks, pride in achievement, diligence and the ability to make choices.
  • To help use language and mathematics with confidence and to communicate effectively.
  • To develop appropriate skills and to participate in scientific, creative and physical activities.
  • To provide a broad balanced curriculum that provides practical experiences which develop a range of skills, the acquisition of knowledge and the opportunity for extended study.
  • To encourage an awareness of the local environment and the wider world and of human influence on both.
  • To develop an awareness of the importance of history and to help children appreciate human achievements and aspirations.
  • To develop a sense of responsibility, self esteem, self discipline, self confidence and independent thinking.
  • To establish an effective and constructive partnership between home and school.