Year 3 Reading Cafe

Year 3 had a fantastic time at their reading cafĂ© and so did the parents! The children got to sit down with their parents and listen to their class teacher read 'Stickman' to them. They then went off and completed several activities that were related to the book such as making their own stick men out of branches from trees and colouring in and designing their own stick men. This enabled them to get a true insight into the book whilst also giving them the chance to create some fun creative work. 

Here is some of the feedback that we received from parents:

"Lovely time spent doing fun activities, lots of giggles and glitter"

"It was well structured and the activities were well thought out. My child enjoyed them"

"The children all enjoyed having parents present and working together for the activities"

"It was fun doing all the activities with the kids and reading a book with the class" 

"I enjoyed having time dedicated to being with my son doing creative things"

"Great fun, my daughter enjoyed me spending 1 to 1 time with her"

"The activities were fun and the children really enjoyed it (added bonus of tea and cakes which was really nice)"