Year 6 Reading Cafe

Year 6 had a fantastic time at their reading café and so did the parents! The children got to sit down with their parents and listen to their class teacher read a book to them. They then went off and completed several activities that were related to the book such as clay poppies and seaside story boards. This enabled them to get a true insight into the book whilst also giving them the chance to create some fun art work. 

Here is some of the feedback that we received:

'I really enjoyed it! Great to use clay to make a poppy with my son.'

'Loved the interaction and doing things we would not normally do. He enjoyed himself and was pleased I was there'. 

'The Reading Café was successful as I got to spend time with my child and their class. Gave me ideas for storytime at home. Making us look at stories in more detail.'

'Enjoyed by all. Everyone got to join in. Nice to see all the children working together, helping each other.'